’s Terms of Service


1. Legal definitions
"You" as indicated in these terms shall refer to: the individual who uses the as a customer.
"Paper(s)" refers to any piece of writing undertaken by this’s staff for external purchase by a customer. This includes studies, plans, essays, reports or any other commissioned project, whether rendered as an example or as a completed work.
“Research Content” is the content of these Papers, and is licensed at all stages either to the Site, or whomsoever chooses to cede licensing to.
"Services" refers to the company, its Sites, facilities, content, format and coding.
"We" or "us" in these terms in this Agreement shall mean the providers of the Services, including without limitation, and its affiliates.

2. Description of services.
These Terms cover any use of this Service, and unless they are complied with, such use is prohibited. The Site offers customized and researched written content for paying customers. This content is formulated from research undertaken by both customers and Site employees. All Services are rendered in the cause of providing personal content for individuals, and should not affect any external interests. You are prohibited from using any Services for anything other than lawful purposes, or in defiance of others’ rights.

3. Eligibility.

You are at least eighteen (18) years old, and are able to understand the Terms & Conditions to a full degree of comprehension.
Any involvement with the Site is taken with full comprehension of and compliance with these Terms.
Placement of any Service order requires provision of (a) comprehensive and correct data about you as per the registration form, (b) an agreement of compliance and (c) a full, complete payment through a legitimate channel. We may at any time reject any request, delete a user account or alter the Terms, should such a course of action be fair or necessary. A password-protected user account will be enabled once full payment has been made for a legitimate Service. This user account is strictly intended for the original client and nobody else.

4. Placement of Orders for Papers.
Any order request will be fully analyzed by a Site employee. Every field must be filled in accurately; otherwise the order will not pass this stage. An order is only ‘live’ when it has been fully analyzed and approved, and a message of confirmation has been sent to you. Successful completion of the request authorizes the Site to undertake research and composition according to your instructions and payment.
You must accept that due to the nature of the company, Services may be completed with a delay, especially if you do not submit essential research documents in time. We waive responsibility for any delay in such an event.

5. Payment and Fees.
There is no charge to view any Content hosted publicly upon the Site, but premium services for private customers, including the provision of personal Content, require a payment.
No fees will be demanded until a Service request has been made. Upon deployment of any requests, you must comply with all payment instructions immediately should you wish for services to be actualized. A valid payment organ must be provided prior to work commencing, which we can use to acquire additional funds, should these become necessary due to a misunderstanding or a need for more content. You must agree to authorize our use of this payment organ should you request additional Services. A receipt for each transaction will be sent to you via email. There is absolutely no question of a refund if we have commenced working on your request(s); you use the Service at your own risk. Refunds are only granted when no writer can agree to take on the Service you wish to see rendered. Any refunds will be sent straight to the organ of original payment. No refunds will be sent by any other means. Should your banking institution fail to confirm original payment, we may unreservedly waive any refund.

You must be aware of the fact that any payment to this Site requires the authorized use of an electronic banking system, whether that is an online banking account, a PayPal membership or a working credit or debit card. You must confirm that the name associated with this banking system is either yours, or that of somebody who has personally authorized your use of it on this Site. An illegally-obtained banking system ID is strictly prohibited.

6. Ownership rights.
6.1. Ownership rights for ‘Research Content’.
The Site’s content is protected by copyright law. This includes content written or created by Site employees, Site customers and third parties. Any rights of ownership not directly bestowed upon you are emphatically reserved by this Site. Any disassembly of any aspect of the Site is strictly prohibited. Extracting content or data from the Site is only tolerated should the Site authorize it. For instance in the case of the Site sending you a completed order if you are specifically permitted to do so, i.e. if the completed documents are sent to you by the Site, and you must not, if the work is adapted to suit your purposes, credit the Site. The Research Content is the property of the Site, and must be personally modified if you wish to use it in order to create your own intellectual property. You may not seek to discredit the Site’s content, or assist in the illegal extraction of its information.

6.2. Ownership rights for ‘Services’.
All Services we offer have the benefit of extensive international copyright protection. The content of each completed Service belongs to us, or those external parties who have granted us the usage of their work. Any completed order is legally ours, and you must consent to using it purely for research or personal purposes. Any subsequent work you perform as the result of this aid must differ significantly from the provided work, and must be your own work. Provided that there is a difference, we or our contributing writers will take no action.

7. We are not obligated for content provided by others.
Any ‘Research Content’ offered by the Site is provided verbatim by registered employees and can only be used for personal edification. The Site also contains content from external sources on its pages. We have no responsibility for content provided in hosted advertisements. Although we will make an effort to provide suitable content, ultimately we are not responsible for online content, including any other sites or wares linked from our own Site. We have no obligation to preview content, although we may choose to do so without liability to you or anybody else. We do not permit, promote or participate in plagiarism or any other academic fraudulence. While we may withdraw material from our Site, we are under no obligation to do so.
You must acknowledge that we employ a range of independent, highly-skilled writers, working from remote locations, whose responsibility is the completion of your orders. We cannot, despite our efforts to employ the best and most assiduous writers, entirely affirm the complete accuracy or flawless quality of the work they undertake, and consequently, we do not vouchsafe the content of this work. Hence, we cannot be held responsible for the quality and content of any work you receive from us. However, you may be assured that you will be the sole recipient of services rendered by us in accordance of your instructions, and that the Site will be the sole arbiter of the degree by which any subsequent work you perform differs from content stored in the Site’s database.

8. Rewrites.
You are entitled to a free rework of any received order if it is manifest that the content does not reasonably comply with the original order rubric. The rework may be fairly denied you if it is revealed that your initial instructions were unclear, misleading or incomplete. Every aspect of the requested work must be set out in fully comprehensible English. Aside from ignoring the rubric, a writer may have to rework their content if they have not fulfilled expectations of good spelling, grammar or writing quality. This latter attribute constitutes reasoned argument, detailed analysis, nuance and evidence of original thinking. Such a standard is upheld by the website’s editors, and should a writer fail to meet it, the editors will affirm that a rework is necessary. Legitimate reworks will be given a deadline exactly a week later than the successful rework request. A week after the original submission is also the length of time within which a rework request can be made. After this, an entirely new order, with a new payment, is required for further modification. There are no refunds for orders completed thus.
You must acknowledge that while you may receive a rework, you cannot recover any sort of refund except under extraordinary conditions. There is no concrete possession to refund; there is merely the fluid and speculative transfer of information. The following constitute extraordinary conditions: (a) there is an error that cannot under any circumstances be reworked; (b) the order is not received, and proof of this is evident to us. Sometimes an order will have to be retracted if there is only one writer capable of composing it, and that writer is unavailable. This is a vanishingly rare occurrence, however, and usually if one writer is not available, another can and will take their place. Only if every writer approached refuses the project is a refund permissible. In order to prevent this scenario, it is advisable that you state clearly exactly what is required, and do not make demands of the writer that are clearly unreasonable, either regarding material that is impossible to access, or absurd time constraints (for instance, a 20-page, research-heavy project done inside a few hours). 

9. Authorization of Use.
Unless this Site has given a specific agreement, no Research Content provided by its writers can be used for any commercial gains. Onward transfer of received orders to third parties is strictly prohibited. You may not replicate the content found in this Site elsewhere, and any works you derive from its content must be recognizably your own. All paid-for content from this Site is licensed, not sold. You may not modify, alter, resell, redistribute, sublicense, display or make derivative works of any materials or Research Content provided on the Site. Should you adequately comply with the Terms, you will be granted one login to communicate with us and reach the Research Content, and a license to use that content for personal, non-fraudulent purposes only. Storage of such content is limited to one computer.  Should you fall foul of the Terms and have your account deleted, you should attempt to eliminate every single piece of content we have procured for you.

10. Writers.
If you would like a certain writer to undertake your order(s), we will give that writer first refusal on your work, but if they cannot, you must accept that the work will be offered to and probably completed by another writer. If a writer contacts you directly regarding an order, this is not the responsibility of the Site, and any such correspondence is entirely informal and does not pertain to the successful completion of the order.

11. Email Delivery.
You acknowledge that we send work via email, with all of its accompanying risks. Therefore, we are not responsible for any obstruction to the flow of information brought about by the technological or spatial limitations of your email account or internet connection. You must ensure that your email account is fully prepared for interaction with us.  

12. Login Credentials.
You must keep your login identity a close secret and not allow anybody else to gain knowledge of it. By extension, nobody else can use your account with this Site, unless you wish to have sole liability for any actions they undertake. If anybody accesses our private servers without consent then they have broken the law, and the owner of the account is liable. You must accept that we will remotely track each customer’s visits so as to be on our guard for inconsistencies. You must inform us by email or telephone if your login information becomes vulnerable. Until you inform us, you are liable for any breach.  

13. Obscure Sources.
You must accept that if a desired source is not available online or at an easily-accessible public library, it cannot be used in a piece of Research Content. School and college textbooks are often very difficult to find, for instance. If you require work derived from such a textbook, there is a strong chance that you will have to scan the requisite pages and subsequently upload them to the Site in jpeg or pdf format, so that the writer can use them. In certain cases, a source can be copied and pasted into the instruction box, but you will have to cite it yourself. There are no refunds offered should we fail to discover a necessary source. You should inform us at the time of payment whether or not a certain source is absolutely necessary. Then, we will ask all of our writers whether they have access to that source. Failure to stress the necessity of a certain source will permit any writer to merely substitute a different source in should it prove elusive. If necessity has been stressed, we will contact you quickly in the event of an absent source. Your options thenceforth are the uploading of image-files containing the necessary text, or substitution.

14. Usage Rules.
Compliance with the Terms is essential, as is the protection of others’ rights. The maintenance of any hardware or software you use to reach us or store data acquired from us is entirely your own responsibility. While the Site will retain copies of the data you both send and receive, it will not resend completed projects unless in exceptional and clearly-explained circumstances.  

All usage of the Site must be personal. If you wish to derive content from the Site’s content, you must personalize it and demonstrate original thinking. You acknowledge that if you use the Site’s content in any sort of academic work, you agree that you will either cite us as a source, or amend the work until it is recognizably your own. If you submit the Site’s content without changing it, you must accredit it entirely to the Site. Furthermore, you may not disseminate content within the Site or engage in behavior that:

(a) perpetuates any sort of academic fraud;
(b) perpetuates mistruths of any kind;
(c) contravenes the rights of other people, especially concerning intellectual property;
(d) masquerades as another individual;
(e) potentially incites criminal activity;
(f) contravenes these Terms;
(g) prevents legitimate customers from using this Site
(h) advertises products;
(i) is abusive, defamatory or obscene, and contains no content of a sexual nature, except where such descriptions are integral to the completion of the paper;
(j) discriminates against a person or persons on the basis of religious conviction, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, or handicap;
(k) distributes any sort of virus or malware;
(l) encourages gambling, in regions where gambling is banned;
(m) makes a copy of the Site’s coding, database or other information for use elsewhere;
(n) submits content that acts purely as a link to an external site.

15. No Spam.
You are strictly forbidden from spamming our writers. Any unsolicited contact with a writer from this Site may result in a terminated account and even legal action.

16. Submissions.
Any communications you send us may be published on the Site without attribution or remuneration. You comment to our Site with the understanding that such feedback will not only be sent to the writers concerned, but may be used more generally in order to instruct writers or provide examples for how the writer-customer relationship can work.  
We will not lay claim to any submissions you render for private usage (i.e. personal Research Content) on the Site. This section does not refer to any works sent privately to our writers in order to help complete a specific order. However, if you choose to display any of your work here, it will be available for the visiting public to see, and it will be available at any time for us to freely edit, cite, copy, propagate or mediate as we see fit. Any public submission will instantly become our property, and will be converted into house style for ease of comprehension. There is no limit to what we can do with public submissions, and no remuneration for the original submitter. You are prohibited from posting any submission that you have not authored. The act of providing a submission to the Site signifies that:
you wrote the submission;
you have fully comprehended the Terms;
you retain full legal rights over your submission;
your submission is legally acceptable;
your submission is to your knowledge factually accurate; and
your submission, if it quotes previous works, is correctly formatted.

17. Cancellation
We may annul your account at any stage, especially if we perceive a security leak, although we will deliver any outstanding Paper so long as you have paid and have not breached the regulations listed above. Until the final transaction of Services, you are responsible for any additional monetary requirements. If you fall foul of your bank’s overdraft or credit limit, then that is your responsibility also.

18. Privacy Policy.
Our Privacy Policy is located on the Site and requires full compliance in order that any agreement might hold.

19. Advertisements.
The Site’s finances are frequently bolstered by advertising, which is usually targeted to the nature of the information exchanged on the Site. You are advised to tolerate and abide with any commercial content hosted here. We do not employ pop-up adverts, animated adverts, or adverts which use sounds.

20. International Use.
You must ensure that your use of online Research Content for personal edification is legal in the nation or territory where you are based.
You must adhere to regional stipulations regarding Internet conduct. You agree to comply with all relevant laws regarding the transfer of electronic information from the nation or territory where you are based, and if you change where you are based, you affirm that you are aware of any alterations in the law.


  1. Limited Warranty. We will make every effort to ensure that our writers adhere to your instructions, and produce work of high quality. Any failure to adhere to instructions in a completed Paper will be rectified, generally within three to four working days, and generally by the original writer. Revision times vary depending on their extent and complexity, but our usual policy is to have them done within 7days. You acknowledge that we are not liable for delivery failures that we cannot be reasonably expected to curb, such as misadventure befalling a writer. Alternatively, we are not responsible if your software portals are inactive or faulty, and under such conditions you are still bound by the Terms. If you call us after the Paper was due because you have not yet received it in the expected manner, we will immediately re-send it through a different medium, most likely an online one.
  2. Warranty Disclaimers. Excepting in cases the like of which have been mentioned, we offer our Services with no absolute guarantee of quality, promptness or factual solidity. You must accept what we have provided with good faith. There are no warranties either actual or imagined, and you must agree not to concoct a presumption of warranty. You use this Site at your own risk. Although every effort will be made to match your criteria, and your time-limit, there are possible exigencies preventing these things which should be factored into every order and catered for accordingly.

The only available resolution of any dispute (i.e. a situation that cannot be resolved according to the Terms of this agreement) with this Site is to annul your account. Even if we had been aware of the chance that your inability to use this Service in a safe and responsible manner might cause you to come to grief, we are in no way to be held to account for any sort of damages whatsoever that were occasioned as the direct or indirect result of your own actions. Even in cases where blame can fairly be apportioned to our own dereliction of the Terms, we will be liable for no more than the amount of money you originally paid us for any work not completed satisfactorily.

23. Release, Indemnity.
By purchasing Services from this Site, you agree to release us and all of our affiliates from any kind of indemnity brought about by your own actions. In the event that one of our writers publishes the private material they once sent you elsewhere, then that is not a legal matter and shall be dealt with internally upon complaint. Obviously, this contravenes company policy, but it does not contravene the law, and you must accept the consequences.

24. Notice.
You must acknowledge that our dealings with customers take place exclusively within the online realm, and so any communications we send you will be directed either at your email inbox or an appropriate webpage which you have access to in your capacity as a Site user. Any use of this Site acts as your confirmation that you have an ongoing capacity to access the requisite databases that will ensure a full transaction. Any kind of dealing with this Site signals your full and ongoing concurrence with the Terms, and your acknowledgement of their legal legitimacy even when rendered electronically. A record of every exchange of services we undertake exists safely within a private server.

25. General Terms.
These Terms constitute the entirety of the working agreement between you and the Site. We automatically assign the Terms to you, without additional notice, upon your active dealing with the Site. You are prohibited from conferring these Terms, or any part of them, to any other person. Should any segment of these Terms be willingly waived by both parties under extraordinary circumstances, the remaining segments shall subsist untouched. If it is discovered that a segment of the Terms is only applicable under certain specific limitations, then such provision shall be interpreted as written, understood, and enforced with such limitations implicit.

26. Procedures for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement.
If you think that any of your own copyrighted material has been reproduced illegitimately on this Site, you will need to procure:

  1. The signature of the copyright owner or their legal guardian.
  2. An account of what work has been allegedly reproduced without consent, and an account of the reproduction.
  3. The actual and traceable location of an original edition, whether physical or electronic, of the copyrighted work.
  4. An account of the part of the Site where the offending copy is supposed to be. If you believe that this Site was used as a conduit between two locations, the location of your original and the location of a copy elsewhere, then the Site has no case to answer; the Site is only responsible for what is publicly visible within its pages.
  5. Your full contact details.
  6. A statement that you believe the material hosted on the Site is illegitimate in your eyes and in the eyes of the law.
  7. An affirmation of the truth of your various accounts, and an affirmation that you are the original copyright holder.

Copyright claims regarding this Site can be sent to the following:

By mail:
Suite 3617
24B Moorefield Rd
Wellington 6037
New Zealand

By email:

This address is only to be used in cases of disputed copyright legitimacy. Other contact information is best found in the ‘Contact’ section of the Site.  
If you firmly suspect a Site employee or user of copyright infringement, you must contact only the above address in order to make clear your complaint. If, on the other hand, you are accused of infringement, and you discover that your content on the Site has been taken down owing to a case of mistaken action, then you too should contact that address. If we receive such a counter-notification suit that appears to have a legitimate case, we will contact the original complainer promptly and allow the DMCA to run a full counter-notification program. Each counter-notification must fulfill the requirements of Section 512(g)(3) of the U.S. Copyright Act. In any case, you must acknowledge that full legal action will not be permissible under any circumstances in a copyright dispute concerning the Site. However, you may be liable for financial damages should you bring a misleading or spurious notification.

22. Questions and Contact Information
All queries to our company regarding these Terms must be sent to:
Suite 3617
24B Moorefield Rd
Wellington 6037
New Zealand

23. Choice of Law; Venue
These Terms are overseen by the laws of Should a legal dispute with the Site arise, you acknowledge that the laws of New Zealand will preside over all subsequent affairs.

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