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FAQ: Get the Answers You’ve Been Looking for

Will you keep my profile confidential?

You can be sure that we never reveal private information to strangers. Even if we are asking you for the address and first name, this means that we have to authorize the customer at once. This is done to prevent information loss and make sure that we maintain connections with the clients. Also, the payment system requires us to know something about a customer.

Do I need to pay before the work is done?

Yes, this is the way we work. We are a prepaid service. This means that the specialist will conduct their research on the order only after the payment is provided. If you are wondering why we demand the fees first, the support team will explain the details. This is performed to secure the payment process. Moreover, we want the writers to have guarantees they are reimbursed for their efforts.

Is it wrong to hire the writer for pay?

No, this is not cheating since we give you the sample of the work. You may regard us as reliable assistants on the way to academic success. The paper is customized according to the guidelines and all the instructions are followed. Besides, we are going to deliver a 100% original work.

Do you sell copied work?

No, we do not like to cheat on our clients. Selling pre-written papers is basically a form of plagiarism. This is not accepted by the company’s standards. The assignment you have ordered is written from scratch. We choose the best way to make the paper unique and then follow the instructions.

Is there any format to the assignments?

In case the teacher has not provided you with the guidelines, we are going to do a standard 1-inch margin page with double space. If you know what you are looking for, send us guidelines so we can stick to them throughout the writing process. Formatting is done as a part of the task and will cost you nothing.

Can you tell me about the writer?

Our writers are experts in the relevant field of study. They are holding degrees in the university subjects, which means that the work is going to be tailored to a standard. In addition, customers are allowed to choose a preferred writer.

How can I stay in touch with an expert?

We have a system that allows the customers to message the experts on the spot. If you need urgent answers regarding the policy of the company, you may always address customer support for help. The company is user-friendly, so you won’t have any problems in that area.

Do you charge extra for the title?

No, your title and reference pages will come for free.

Can I choose the best writer available?

You have the option, called “Preferred writer”, which allows you to pick a specialist with the best recommendations. However, you need to remember that the price of the order goes up as you choose this feature.

What if I want to be treated like a VIP customer?

We have that option as well. This means that a “top priority” sign will be placed on your order. The requests you are sending will be replied to immediately. Moreover, the company will provide you with the special SMS notifications that allow tracking the progress of the order.